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Extracting Services In Circular Range Using Priority Search Tree

Extracting surrounding services system is developed in user defining range that will figure out the user location and searching the desired services around user. Location-based services allow users on the go with access to geographic data from micro-laptops, tablet, mobile devices, PCs, PDA etc. In this paper, the new data structure of Priority Search Tree combine with the Vincenty’s Method to query the data-points according to the user’s defining circular range. In my propose system, enumerate a circular range around a point with user preference distance and generating the latitudes and longitudes of the services at that circular range to extract accurate services according to their geographic coordinates. After the specific information (eg; ATM, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping Center… etc.,) according to user is extracted by the preference ring range, their coordinate are converted to image coordinate and show on the map. Keywords- Circular Range, Priority Search Tree, Vincenty’s Method.