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Benefit-Function Of Two- Identical Cold Standby Space Station System Subject To Failure Due To Damaged Starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint Or Failure Due To Excessive Vibration During Reboost

Benefits of ISS Research, Earth framing the International Space Station in May 2010 following undocking of Atlantis during the STS-132 mission. (NASA) Almost as soon as the International Space Station was habitable, researchers began using it to study the impact of microgravity and other space effects on several aspects of our daily lives. This unique scientific platform continues to enable researchers from all over the world to put their talents to work on innovative experiments that could not be done anywhere else. Although each space station partner has distinct agency goals for station research, each partner shares a unified goal to extend the resulting knowledge for the betterment of humanity. We may not know yet what will be the most important discovery gained from the space station, but we already have some amazing breakthroughs! In the areas of human health, telemedicine, education and observations of Earth from space, there are already demonstrated benefits to human life. Vaccine development research, station-generated images that assist with disaster relief and farming, and education programs that inspire future scientists, engineers and space explorers are just some examples of research benefits. The stories featured here summarize the scientific, technological and educational accomplishments of research on the space station that has and will continue to have an impact on life on Earth. The benefits outlined here serve as examples of the space station's potential as a groundbreaking scientific research facility. Through advancing the state of scientific knowledge of our planet, looking after our health, and providing a space platform that inspires and educates the science and technology leaders of tomorrow, these benefits will drive the legacy of the space station as its research strengthens economies and enhances the quality of life here on Earth for all people. In this paper we have taken failure due to damaged starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint or failure due to Excessive vibration during reboost. When the main unit fails due to failure due to damaged starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint then cold standby system becomes operative. Failure due to collision cannot occur simultaneously in both the units and after failure the unit undergoes very costly repair facility immediately in case of launch failure. Applying the regenerative point technique with renewal process theory the various reliability parameters MTSF, Availability, Busy period, Benefit-Function analysis have been evaluated. Keywords- Cold Standby, Failure Due to Damaged Starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint or Failure Due to Excessive Vibration During Reboost, First Come First Serve, MTSF, Availability, Busy Period, Benefit -Function.