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Estimation Of Vehicle’s Situation And Traffic Density In The Vanet Environment

The traffic congestion becomes one of the major issue nowadays. The reason being the increase in the number of vehicles over a decade. So the rising demands cannot be fulfilled by the existing infrastructure. This problem needs to be solved and upgraded with the modern technology for the efficient use of available resources. Intelligent transportation system is one of the modern technique which is used to avoid the congestion of traffic. The congestion of traffic gives rise to problems such as fatigue and accidents. There have been many research done on managing the traffic congestion and location of vehicle. In this research work, a model is proposed to avoid the traffic congestion and locating the vehicles for an alternate route and also nature of accident such as overturning, collision and skidding. GPS is used for the proper estimation of vehicle’s location, whereas the situation of vehicle can be calculated using accelerometer sensor. This will help us get a clear picture of what went wrong so that we can take necessary actions. The tracing of a vehicular accidents will helps in saving many lives. Keywords- GPS, Traffic Congestion, Location Estimation, Traffic Density