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A Review on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

The idea of CNN is developed from artificial neural network. The biological neural network is characterized by nonlinearity, concurrency, robustness and high fault tolerance. Because of these characteristics, artificial neural network has been widely used in pattern recognition, image processing and other aspects. The main idea of artificial neural network is to learn and analyze the laws between the corresponding relationships between inputs and outputs according to the corresponding relationships between inputs and outputs, and then use this law to predict the output results of new inputs. The learning and analysis process in the network is generally called training. At the same time, artificial neural network has high self-learning ability and self-adaptability. Facial recognition techniques are considered the most important fields of research in biometric technology As one of the most concerned methods of biometric recognition, face recognition has become one of the research hotspots in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence. However, face recognition is easily affected by internal and external differences, and it is often difficult for traditional face recognition methods to achieve ideal results. Keyword - Face Recognition, Face Detection, Deep Learning, Convolution Neural Network (CNN)