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Zombie Lab – A Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Survival Game

First-person shooter (FPS) is one of the most popular gaming sub-genres today. It is based on the idea of a user experiencing weapon-based combat through the eyes of a protagonist moving in a 3D map. The monitor acts as eyes and the mouse is the gun. This direct connection between the user and the game is the reason these games enjoy such huge popularity nowadays. The best FPS experience is a blend of attractive graphics, wide range of weapons and a great storyline. Multiplayer modes are also common nowadays in most FPS games as they allow users to play together with friends. Some studies have also found that playing FPS games can benefit cognition and short term memory. “Zombie Lab” is our 3D multiplayer first-person shooter game. The main player plays as a police officer trying to survive a horde of deadly zombies in a bio-lab and find the antidote. Keywords - 3D (3-Dimensional), FPS (First-person Shooter), Game Development, Survival Game, Multiplayer, Unreal Engine