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IoT Based Pollution Monitoring System in Urban Area

Pollution is one of the major global problems according to World Health Organization (WHO). Urban area is more polluted than the remote area, although it can spread to remote places where no people live. So, to control the rate of pollution occurring around the globe more and more research and analysis of the pollution pattern has to understood. There are many research and innovation happening due to rapid increase in the pollution with lack of analysis. To do proper analysis of pollution level a new system is designed called IOT Based Pollution Monitoring System in Urban Area. The analysis mainly done in the urban and residential area due covid spread and also analysis from World Health Organization (WHO) shows 11 out of 8 most polluted cities are in India. The main pivotal of this system is to monitor the different pollutants level like air quality, carbon monoxide level, noise level and also comparing this pollutants level before and after covid-19 impact. These all-pollutants parameters are remotely monitored using thingspeak and pollutants levels are stored in the thing speak cloud for future analysis. Keywords - Pollution, IOT (Internet of Things), Thing speak cloud, Raspberry pi.