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Web Content Management System Auto Generation

Abstract - Web content management system (WCMS) is a fundamental part of any web application. One of the core elements of its development process is designing the infrastructure, which includes analyzing the needed dependencies and identifying all the functions. Implementing the system and its functions while taking in consideration the front-end and back-end is often being developed manually from start to finish, which can take a tremendous amount of time and effort, especially for big and complex web applications. The similarity of the development process and the function patterns that are used in WCMS gives us an opportunity to build an automated process that can generate fully functional web applications in a faster and more efficient way. This research introduces a new proposed solution which helps the developers build completely functional WCMS applications in a REST environment without the need to rewrite the logic. This solution minimizes the process by combining multiple techniques which include dividing the structure into a base and components and making a library of components that can be generalized and used in different programming languages with the help of repurposing templates in the procedure. Keywords - Web Content Management System,Automatic Code Generation,WCMS, MVC