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Counterfeit Drug Detection Mechanism Using Block chain Technology in Iot Infrastructure for E-Medicine Applications

Abstract - Counterfeit drug is an ever-increasing critical issue in the healthcare industry that creates serious consequences to society. The management and exchange of health records is a major challenge in the fight against counterfeit medications in healthcare systems. E-health records' security is a major concern since they are vulnerable to threats to confidentiality and integrity. Neglecting these dangers might have serious repercussions for healthcare systems, such as patient mortality. As a result, there is a need to build a blockchain-based system that aids in the battle against counterfeit drugs and ensures the security of electronic health records. Another issue is confidentiality and sensitivity of the patient's health information must always be well-kept-up so, that it remains between only him and the doctor for reasons of privacy. In order to provide more secure privacy of Patient record and avoid any errors, we propose in our study a new Block Chain Prediction Model (BCPM) to prevent fraudulent Prescriptions. The advance feature of BCPM makes it capable to monitors the drug assembly process, allowing the end consumer to obtain all validated data regarding medicines. Keywords - IOT, Blockchain, Prescription Privacy, Healthcare, Counterfeit Drug,EHR, BCPM.