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A Study of Social Engineering Awareness in the Context of Bangladesh and its Correlation with Being the Victim of Social Engineering

Abstract - In this era of the internet, almost everyone is always under the threat of any kind of cyberattack by knowing or unknowingly. Even the most aware person about cyber security may become a victim anytime just for a second’s mistake. This paper aims to study the relation between these two phenomena, i.e., awareness and being a victim of an attack. In order to study this social engineering was chosen to observe from the perspective of Bangladesh. Data was collected through a survey and later a coefficient between these two factors was calculated. Our research revealed that there is a very minimal coefficient between these two factors which again proves that even a cyber-attack-aware person can be the victim of any kind of cyber-attack anytime. Keywords - Cyber-Attack, Social Engineering, Phi-Coefficient,Phishing, Pre-Texting, Freaking.