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A Survey on Encryption and Search Techniques for Decision Making in Rfid Human Monitoring Systems

Abstract - The influencing aspect in authentication, decision making and optimization techniques in human monitoring system is an important research issue. The review is based on different papers available between 2015 and 2020 on the major human monitoring system with privacy and security issues. The different papers illustrates that here is a diversity of ways how authentication and decision making is done in closed human monitoring environment. Decision-making has recognition due to its regular insinuation in administrative domains as it facilitates decision making system to approach with most excellent decisions. . The eminence of decisions has been traditionally related to the quality of the information obtainable to knowledge base contributing the observations and opinions as research discloses. The main intention of this revision is to offer crucial assessment by re-evaluating and combining the available literature on human monitoring systems. This revision will perform as a milestone in offering profound knowledge on strength and weaknesses of several human monitoring models and methods examined for articulation of this revise. Keywords - Encryption, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Intelligent Agents, Decision Making.