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Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud

Abstract - This research develops a secure multi-owner data sharing system for dynamic groups in cloud computing. By leaning on group signature and dynamic broadcast encryption methods, any cloud user may anonymously exchange data with others. This presents a novel paradigm for Sharing Secure Data in Cloud computing for the Multiuser Groups. One of the most significant worries with cloud data storage is data integrity verification at treated servers. The most straightforward technique is to encrypt data files and then upload the encrypted data onto the cloud to ensure data privacy. To overcome this issue lately, SEMODSS's most efficient solution for secured multi-owner data sharing, although we noticed certain drawbacks in that same approach in terms of reliability and scalability. Hence in this work, we are further enhancing the basic SEMODSS by adding the dependability and boosting the scalability by increasing the number of group managers dynamically. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Data Sharing, Group Signature, Dynamic Groups, User Revocation, Access Control)