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Multi-mode Selection through Apps in Post Disaster Situation based on P2P Network and WiFi Direct Technology

Abstract - Today we are living in the evolutionary world of technology and we have been almost surrounded by various gadgets. Most popular operating system used in present time is Android. Presently about 81.7% of people are using Android phones. Android Technology has so many features that maximum people have undoubtedly selected it. Our prime target is to establish communication within a certain range without connecting to any network or access point using Android Technology. We have created an android application using which anyone can communicate with single, multiple or selected users without connecting to any access point. The strategy of the development is the concept of Wi-Fi P2P connectivity via WiFi-Direct where we can able to establish connection in absence of any fixed access point. Whenever anyone will open the application, first of all they have to turn on Wi-Fi and it will then search for devices which is active within a range of 200 feet approximately. After the establishment of connection, chat can be done with those users in absence of any pre-existing network. Here one of the connected node like as a hotspot or soft access node. This device like as a client, searching for other devices and latter it acts as a server. This application will be introduced for Disaster Management Activity where anyone can inform about the details like number of people affected, information about the affected zones like trapped people, food requirements, medicines required etc. within the golden period of disaster. Using this app, we strongly feel that the affected people would get rid of this situation at a rapid rate. This information would be received at a faster rate and different rescue teams can normalize this situation in a rapid order. Keywords - P2P Network, Communication Network, Wi-Fi Direct, Singlecast, Multicast, Broadcast