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Exploring Cyber Threat Intelligence using Twitter Data

Abstract – In today’s era, Cyber security is the big challenge for all of us. With cyber security challenges , Cyber threats intelligence is one of the biggest challenge which we all are facing today. This is basically information used to get possible and upcoming digital threats that might be targeting your system , your organization .Hence Threating person always try their techniques for the possible cyber-attacks. Twitter is mostly used site by this type of attacker. Monitoring social media data can help spot new cyber-attack trends and security problems including breaches, carding, and hijacking. As a consequence, Twitter is an excellent resource for staying current on the most recent cyber security breakthroughs. This article will examine notable data breaches, as well as a map depicting the geographical classification of US cyber-attacks and a list of popular attack strategies. Therefore, we have utilized Twitter to acquire critical information on terrorist activities, and strange events. We are using Artificial Intelligence to overcome this issue. Finally, we will developed a system for detecting cyber-threat-related texts in the deep and surface webs using socio-personal and technological indicators, with the goal of providing artifacts for cyber security specialists and law enforcement agencies to use in preventative and prosecution methods. Keywords - Machine Learning, Support Vector Machine, Naïve Bayes Classifier, Artificial Neural Network, Decision Tree Classifier, Random Forest, Threats