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Role of Relational Algebra on Access Control Mechanism for Risk Pattern

Abstract - This research paper focuses and emphasizes to access control mechanism on unixoperationgsystem.The risk analysis isa continuous process of determining theweakness of access control to users, file system as well as applicationover a real time operating system.That’s why, we have toprevent, detect & correct our business, resources & technology all the time & every time of uncertainty to achieve our objective. Therefore, our proposed ACM mechanism will be help full to prevent from external unauthorized resources. This accountability is adoptable through access control mechanisms that require Read, Write & Execute over a UFS on real time operating system. This Algebraic Relational Mechanism would be resolved the unorder and uncertain with pervasive, ubiquitous & self-autonomy of the system resources for accountability and actionability to prevent our system. This proposedAlgebraic Relational logic (RFOS)is a great power over the business, technology & resources to resolve the uncertainty, unordered in right time. The objects, subjects, input, output and domain & range would be mapping orderly to integrating, communicating & synchronizing among resources. We have to prevent our secure businessthrough this algebraic ACM, which would be helped to BCP and DRP. Keyword - Algebraic relational function, Real time operating system, Function Relation Operation Services, Ordinary Directory & Spl File, User Group Other, Read, Write, Execute, Prevent Detect & Correct; Access Control; Unix File System.