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Multi-Tenant Architecture for Scalable Pharmacy Management

Abstract - Medicines are a crucial part of healthcare in the modern world, aiding people and professionals for better health. Therefore, pharmacies have become essential points of contact for people to access medicines but similar to various other products and consumables which have become easily accessible through the use of modern technology it is necessary to apply the same to the pharmaceutical industry. One major issue is the unavailability of medicines which were more apparent in the trying times of the pandemic and customers had to check multiple places for the availability of medicines. To help people easily identify the availability of medicines from various pharmacies, the billing software that is used in most pharmacies has been developed as a web application in this paper. This has been achieved by using a multi-tenant system to accommodate multiple pharmacy data and providing a customer side portal to check for the medicines available and providing an option to contact the pharmacy for delivery. This can ultimately be helpful for both the pharmacy owners in bringing new customers while providing the accessibility to check for medicines availability without having to check multiple pharmacies physically. Keywords - Pharmacy, Orescription, Inventory, Management, Multi-Tenant Database.