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Optimization Algorithm of Resources Assignment for the Edge Computing in the IoT Networks

Abstract - The penetration rate of IoT-based devices among both of urban and rural dwellers is increasing on a daily basis. In such circumstances, the already known threats such as probability of critical data lost in transition, fatal increment of response time and high costs of central processors are being carried out. In favor of recent advancements in virtualizing technologies, the network gateways as well as edge computing devices are more than capable of sharing their available processing capacity with IoT services. Enormous number of existing edge computing devices and IoT network services causes to even more complexity in the challenge of computing resource assignment to the IoT network services. In this paper, the assignment of computing resources to the IoT networks has been surveyed for a considerable number of services. It has been assumed that each IoT-based controller features to communicate with multiple computing resources at the same time and on the other hand, each computing resource can afford to be assigned to the multiple IoT-based controllers simultaneously. To maximize the number of controllers which benefit from a specific computing resource, this problem is modeled as an optimized problem. The presented algorithm provides an acceptable solution which can be utilized widely in the distributed systems. Keywords - Internet of Things, IoT, Edge Computing, Computing Resource Assignment, Data Process.