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Pixel Weight based Approach for Image Enhancement with Kernel Function

Abstract – This research work is based on the image enhancement to improve quality. In the proposed scheme three steps are followed which consist of patch marking, white balancing and noise removal. In the first step, the whole image will be divided into patches that path will be of odd number it may be 3, 5, 7 or etc. The last pixel of patch like third pixel, 5th pixel or 7th pixel will have compared with the other pixels within the patch. The histogram of the patch will be calculated and using technique of histogram equalizer the color intensity of the pixels will be balanced within the patch. In the third step, the Euclidian distance between the centralized pixel and pixels within the patch will be calculated. The pixels which have mismatched pixel distance will be marked as the noisy pixel. To balance the noisy pixel amount of extra pixel value will be reducing and image quality get improved. The proposed methodology will increase image quality which leads to increase PSNR and reduction in MSE value. Keywords – Image Enhancement, Patch, Kernel, PSNR, MSE.