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Effect of Dimensional Variation on the Performance of Pyramidal Proof-Mass Rectangular Two Beam Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

Abstract - In this work, the pyramidal proof-mass with rectangular two beam vibrational piezoelectric energy harvester is modeled, designed, and analyzed for low frequency mechanical ambient vibration energy harvesting application. This energy harvester is in a fixed-guided beam arrangement with higher stability than a single cantilever type of structure. The effect of variation in the physical dimensions on the performance of the energy harvester is also analyzed. The eigen-frequency, displacement, von Mises stress, electric potential, and total electric energy are considered as the performance parameters for the energy harvester. The eigen-frequency and stationary analyses are carried out to obtain these performance parameters. Keywords - Electric Potential and Energy, Fixed-guided Beam, Pyramidal Proof-mass, Vibration Piezoelectric Energy Harvester, Von Mises Stress