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The Design of a Video-Assisted English collocations Learning System with Annotations Sharing

English collocations refer to the fixed combinations of the synonymous words co-occur with other words. Intermsofthosenon-nativespeakersofEnglishsuchasthestudentsinTaiwanmight produce the wrong English collocations due to the inference of Mandarin. Nevertheless, learning collocational knowledge is more complicated in comparison to the acquisition of vocabulary. In other words, seeking effective approaches for teaching or learning collocational knowledge is ongoing. Therefore, this research aims at the design of a video-assisted collocations learning system with annotations sharing mechanism. Learners are able to uncover the possible collocations from the captions of a video and share what they found formed in annotations with the peers so that the learners are able to discuss or offer comments on those uncovered collocations. By this way, the learners can acquire the collocations incidentally while watching videos and the collocational knowledge from the collaborative learning with the peers. This system is expected to motivate the learners and engage them in the learning of English collocations longer. Keywords - English Collocations, Video-Assisted Learning, Annotation Sharing, Collaborative Learning.