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An Efficient Key Pre-Distribution Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks have many applications, vary in size, and are deployed in a wide variety of areas. They have some security issues. In this paper, we are proposing a new pre key distribution scheme for the WSN. We will propose a new scalable key management scheme for WSNs. It is also more secure There are many researchers, who are working on the security requirements of the wireless sensor networks. Key management is a challenging issue in the WSNs. While designing a key management scheme, the parameters like network scalability is needed to be considered. The key management scheme should be able to support a large number of nodes. It also contains an introduction to key distribution. It also elaborates various challenges in establishing an efficient key distribution scheme. Proposed method will provide higher scalability. It will also provide a good key sharing probability. Keywords- Wireless Sensor Network; Key Pool; Key Predistribution; Key Sharing.