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Developing Prediction System By Using Ontology Based Phs Algorithm

As the World Wide Web is rapidly grown, the information sources are changed daily. Increasing amount of information is the vital problem for information retrieval. Web prediction is a classification problem in which we have to predict the next set of Web pages that a user may visit based on the knowledge of the previously visited pages. Predicting user’s behavior can be developed in several applications in the internet environment. The web usage mining techniques in research area are used to analyze the web usage patterns for a website. There are many methods based on web usage mining for prediction system but most of all are based on traditional methods such as sequential pattern mining, clustering and so on. In this paper, the reference ontology is build according to the web site structure and the domain ontology is built according to the clean web log files. And then the domain information is generated and ontology based PHS algorithm is used in developing sequential pattern. And then, the prediction list is produced by applying semantic similarity related with the domain ontology. Keywords- Domain Ontology, Perfect Hash Pruning, Semantic Similarity, Web Usage Mining.