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Advanced Approach For Multicast Communication In Manet Using Egmp Protocol

A Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a infrastructure less, self configured network of mobile devices which are virtually connected without wires. We find an increasing challenge for group communication in MANET. Most preferable method to achieve group communication is multicasting. As the topology changes frequently it’s challenging to implement efficient and scalable multicast in MANET for group membership management and multicast packet forwarding. To overcome these demerits we propose a novel solution EGMP (Efficient Geographic Multicast Protocol). EGMP is a virtual- zone-based structure to implement efficient and scalable group membership management. A zone-based bi-directional tree is constructed for efficient multicast delivery and it also provides recovery management live indication from crash node to zone leader. Few additional services provided for improving the efficiency of the protocol are integrating the location search of group members with the hierarchical group membership management and zone depth calculation for building an optimal tree structure. We propose an idea where secure protocol is used for transmit the data in dynamic mobile adhoc networks. Proposed idea will minimize the increase in the computational complexity exponentially along with an increase in the multicast group size for multicasting tree is built based on the zone. The resultant of implementing EGMP increases the packet delivery ratio, multicast group join delay, minimum control overhead. Location information will be integrated with the design and used to guide the zone construction, managing group membership, construction tree for multicasting and its maintenance along with forwarding of packets thus it becomes reliable and efficient. Keywords: Routing, Wireless networks, Mobile adhoc networks, Multicasting, Protocol