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Direct And Indirect Vector Control Of Induction Motors Using Hybrid Pid Plus Fuzzy Controller

Speed control is one of the various application imposed constraints for the choice of a motor. For speed control of a direct field-oriented induction motor (DFOIM) and indirect field-oriented induction motor, a Ziegler-Nichols (Z-N) based PID plus fuzzy logic control (FLC) scheme is proposed in this paper. Theparameter values of Z-N PID can be chosen using a simple and useful rule of thumb. The FLC is connected to the PID controller for enhancing robust performance in both dynamic transient and steady-state periods. The FLC is developed based onthe output of the PID controller, and the output of the FLC is thetorque command of the DFCIM. The complete closed-loop speedcontrol scheme is implemented in MATLAB0.14-hpsquirrel-cage induction motor. Simulation results showthat the proposed Z-N PID+FLC scheme can lead to desirablerobust speed tracking performance under load torque disturbances.Induction Motorperformance is checked through the simulation studies inMATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Keywords- Speed Control, Hybrid PID Plus Fuzzy Controller, Induction Motor, Ziegler-Nichols Method.