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A Review on Brain Disease Diagnosis Using Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) algorithms enabled computational models consist of multiple processing layers that represent data with multiple levels of abstraction. In recent years, usage of deep learning is rapidly proliferating in almost every domain, especially in medical image processing, medical image analysis, and bioinformatics. Consequently, deep learning has dramatically changed and improved the means of recognition, prediction, and diagnosis effectively in numerous areas of healthcare such as pathology, brain tumor, lung cancer, abdomen, cardiac, and retina. Considering the wide range of applications of deep learning, the objective of this article is to review major deep learning concepts pertinent to brain tumor analysis (e.g., segmentation, classification, prediction, evaluation.). A review conducted by summarizing a large number of scientific contributions to the field (i.e., deep learning in brain tumor analysis) is presented in this study. A coherent taxonomy of research landscape from the literature has also been mapped, and the major aspects of this emerging field have been discussed and analyzed. A critical discussion section to show the limitations of deep learning techniques has been included at the end to elaborate open research challenges and directions for future work in this emergent area. Keywords - Deep Learning, Bioinformatics, Segmentation, Medical Images, Tumor