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Cash is King? What Happens to Retail, As Money No Longer Means Cash?

Currently electronic, including mobile, payment systems are more and more widely used around the world and got a big boost during the pandemic. Besides hygiene factors, there are many factors influencing whether or not a consumer chooses to use such a solution, including culture, social influence, experience, and general curiosity and general willingness to use technology. A total of 10 interviews have been carried out in Indonesia and Sweden using UTAUT to analyse and draw conclusions. Both Swedes and Indonesians are keen to adopt thanks to ease of use. However, the Indonesians were more influences by social factors and promos as well as other economic incentives, whereas the Swedes were mostly motivated by convenience reasons. Keywords - Digital Payment Systems, Electronic Payments, Gopay, Indonesia, Mobile Payments, Swish, Sweden, UTAUT.