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Review On Intrusion Detection System Using Fuzzy Logic

Computer Networks now a days are becoming a basic needs of this era where information sharing is key element for growth. With such use, the level of mischievousness has also grown briskly. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are deployed to annotate such elements of the network so that the normal operation of the network is continued. IDS analyses the network and uncovers the malicious activities from member of the network of from the outside network. The strategies normally deployed in the implementation of as IDS evaluate the network based on knowledge of the expert system. The decision making methodology in existing IDS are found to be accommodating very limited number of conditions. Our proposed system will be deploying Fuzzy Logic rules of Artificial Intelligence to take decisions on malicious activities in the network. Such a scheme aims to include maximum possible conditions as they occur in the network. This system will considered the algorithm of the information security management system based on soft computing, and will implement a prototype of the intrusion detection system (IDS) for a network Keywords- Acknowledgment ACK, Anomaly Detection, Intrusion Detection System, Fuzzy Logic, Network Security