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Arranging Ad-Hoc Meetings Efficiently Using Moble Applications

In the internet age, communication is crucial for the effective functioning of individuals as well as major corporations. One of the major benefits of the improvement of communications technology over the years has been the advent of highly capable mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets. These devices help individuals access the internet, communicate with each other while on the move, and also arrange for each other to meet at a particular destination at a predetermined time. This activity of setting up a meeting among individuals located at different points of a given geographical location is still inefficient and we can use technology that is currently available to improve the efficiency of such seemingly mundane tasks. This project aims to use the capabilities of modern mobile devices with a simple and efficient algorithm to setup ad-hoc meetings in a given geographical region called a safe zone or region to improve efficiency and reduce communication costs. The safe zone of a query is the area within which the points of interest are located and where the results of the query remain unchanged, if the query remains inside the safe region and the query only needs to re-evaluate if the query object leaves the bounds of the safe region. Keywords- Application, Location, Meeting, Mobile