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Sensitivity Analysis Based Optimal Dg Allocation In Radial Distribution System

Developing country like India needs electrical power with less losses and it is also becoming highly impossible for existence in the world without the electricity. Here is one of the techniques for maintaining the continuous supply i.e., by generating the electrical power under the premises of distribution generation. Distributed generation (DG) play an important role in distribution networks. This paper provides an analytical expression to calculate the optimal size and the optimal location for DG placement in minimizing the total power losses in radial distribution network. Placement of DG in non- optimal location and non- optimal size may lead to increased losses and poor voltage profile. In this paper, Sensitivity analysis method helps to find the location and size of DG to minimize the power losses in the distribution networks. The proposed method is tested on standard IEEE-33 bus test system. Thus the result obtained shows the improvement in voltage profile, reduction in total power losses. Keywords: Distributed Generation, Sensitivity Analysis, Optimal Placement, BIBC and BCBV matrices