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Wind Turbine Charger: Insight Into Future Technology

With the improvement in the field of science and technology, an increasing lust for mechanization, there has been a never ending tussle between mankind and natural resources. From biomass to wind energy all are being exploited by human since centuries. Traditionally, wind energy was used by erecting windmills in the potential areas. In late 90s, when wind power started its ascent, the rotating diameter of actual turbine was about 17 metres. As we say Bigger is better, the size of windmill blades grew from 17 metres to a whopping 126 metres. But a major breakthrough that revolutionized the pinwheel’s harvesting principle was with the coming of MEMS [1]-based nickel alloy devices, which can be effectively placed in the pocket of a cell phone. An ambient wave could effectively recharge the phone’s battery. In our current gadget- centric culture, one limiting factor for mobile devices is the capacity of the batteries that power them, we for sure cannot stop their usage, and thus we need to formulate devices which could overcome this very limitation. This paper aims at reviewing the various developments in the field of micro windmill energy harvesting. The semiconductor wafered structure makes the design suitable to be prefixed in a phone case. The paper also aims to highlight inadvertent challenges of micro windmill structure as posed by the prevailing technologies, which are a major field of research in near future. Keywords: pinwheel, semiconductor wafered structure, MEMS.