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Instantaneous Torque Control Of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Induction motor are characterized by highly non-linear, complex and time-varying dynamics and inaccessibility of some of the states and outputs for measurements, and hence it can be considered as a challenging engineering problem. The advanced control techniques has partially solved induction motor’s speed control problems; because they are sensitive to drive parameter variations and the performance may deteriorate if conventional controllers are used. The DTC excellent strategies of torque and flux ripple control of IMD. Main drawback of hysteresis controller is that there is no difference in control action between a large torque error and a small one. That results in high torque ripple and derating of motor. It is advantageous to divide the torque error into membership function and give different control voltages for each of them. To overcome with this issue a sugeno based fuzzy logic controller has been introduced. Index Terms—Torque control, induction motor,sugeno fuzzy logic control.