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Profile Based Personalised Web Search

Personalised Web Search is a search technique that is used for improving the relevance of the search results of various search engines in the internet. This may also leave the user experience disappointment when relevant results of proper quality are not obtained. The reason behind this may be due to the huge contexts and backgrounds that the query may belong to. This problem can be overcome only when the user shares quite a lot of his/her personal information. However, they might be reluctant to do so. Hence, we propose a framework where the overall user search experience is improved by enhancing the quality of the search results, keeping the privacy of the user also in mind. This is achieved by adaptively generalizing profiles and thereby maintaining the privacy requirements of the user. We also propose a mechanism for runtime profiling and a method of online decision to decide whether a user search query can be personalized or not. Keywords- profile, personalized web search, privacy, dynamic profiling, encrypting, greedy algorithm