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Electrical Energy Audit In Cold Mill And Designing Of Suitable Solar System For Bay Lighting

This thesis provides an overview of a general energy conservation measures (ECMs) that can be commonly recommended for BHEL Tiruchirapalli. This paper work presents such energy saving methods in a methodological approach, experienced during a detailed energy audit of BHEL. An energy audit is a study of a plant or facility to determine how and where energy is used and to identify methods for energy savings. Lighting is an essential service in all the industries. The power consumption by the industrial lighting varies between 2 to 10% of the total power depending on the type of industry. Innovation and continuous in the field of lighting, has given rise to tremendous energy saving opportunities in this area. PV systems are non-polluting, and provide a very reliable source of power. They are relatively easy to install and have a long span of approximately 25 years. The work of this paper is reduce the lighting cost by replacing the High Pressure Sodium Vapour lamp(HPSV) by Induction lamp and designing of suitable solar system for Bay lighting in cold mill. Simulation results are carried out by using SMA off grid configurator. Keyword-Energy Audit, Energy Conservation, Data Collection, Economic analysis, Induction light, Solar Photovoltaic System, SMA software.