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Privacy Protection With Minimum Distance Sum In Location-Based Service

With the wide spread of GPS-added mobile device and the development of communication technologies, great attention has been shown to the study of the location based service. But, under the circumstances, Users have to continuously report their exact location to the application server to get the location based service, there is the exposure problem of the user information by attacker. For that reason, the privacy issue is actively studied to protect user information from various attacks. In this paper, we propose new anonymizing algorithms that reflect the change in position along the time and in order to achieve a balance between the minimum anonymity level requirement and the quality of service (QoS) requirement, our approach considers a QoS requirement as well as location privacy throughout our proposed algorithm. We first introduce an efficient k-nearest neighbor (kNN) query based algorithm to compare the location change of kNN along the time, then we propose algorithm for the velocity and direction of moving objects. Through extensive experiments, we show the efficiency of our proposed algorithms in terms of processing the location change of moving object. Index Terms— Anonymity, Cloaking Scheme, Location-based service, Nearest-Neighbor Query, Privacy