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Touchable Holograms And Haptic Feedback: Real Experience In A Virtual World

This paper is intended to analyze and discuss the developments made so far in the field of holography and holographic projection, it discusses the feasibility and the possibilities in the area of touchable holograms, which move according to gestures of a person. In this paper, first we will discuss some rudimentary matters about what a hologram is and a short description of how they are created. Then we will move on to how we can make a hologram move as per our hand gestures and provide haptic feedback. In this paper the focus is on the feasibility study of some methods and the analysis and consequences of these methods. After that a case study for Microsoft hololens will be discussed, where the researchers have successfully been able to develop touchable holograms. We will see some challenges in the whole process and then some discussion about future scopes of this technology and where this technology can lead us. Index Terms - Holography, Touchable holograms. LASERs, Holographic projectors, holographic computers, Virtual reality, haptic feedback, Ultrasonic sound.