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Iris Detection Based On Principal Component Analysis With GSM Interface

This paper describes the technique of personal verification and identification using Iris Patterns. It detects Irisesbased on the principal Component technique analysis. The Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is one of the most successful techniques that have been used in image recognition and compression. There has been a lot of work carried out on face recognition using the PCA. This paper tries to use the same concepts in trying to detect Irises. Identification starts with localizing the portion of the eye that corresponds to the iris. After localization, the iris is center aligned with the image frame and unwanted portions of the iris occluded by the eyelids is removed. In order to minimize the time consuming pattern matching process of the input iris with each sample in the database, the input iris image is compared with database image based on ratio of limbus diameter to pupil diameter. Only if the diameter ratio matches, the input image is cross-correlated with database image to obtain correlation coefficients. Once the comparison is completed then the result is sent to the security administrator with the help of GSM. This message consist of the results of comparison weather the iris samples has been matched or not. Keywords: PCA, iris, algorithm, frame, Eigenvalues