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To Reduce The Rejection At Ultrasonic Washing In Reflector Making Process

This Report gives the quality improvement that are needed to reduce the defectives at the “Ultrasonic washing in process shop” which also helps in reducing rejections in process shop of manufacturing of reflectors at Autolite (India).ltd.vishwakarma industrial area, jaipur The “Ultrasonic washing process” of manufacturing Reflectors of head lights are studied in detail and the problem areas that contribute more significantly to the defectives are identified. We found the major problem in Ultrasonic washing is due to “improper handling and incorrect cycle time in Ultrasonic washing shop” After the detailed study and observation some of the in consistencies in above process and machine maintenance were removed that resulted in quality improvements and defects at the process stage were reduced ULTRASONIC from 2.03% to 1.93 % Keywords- Reflector, Cycle Time.