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Design Of Higher Order Digital Iir Band Pass Filter Using Hybrid Differential Evolution

Abstract- Since error surface of digital IIR filter is a multimodal function, so optimization techniques which provides the global minima is required. In this paper, hybrid technique with differential evolution (DE) method as a global search technique and binary successive approximation (BSA) based evolutionary search method as a local search technique is proposed. Evolutionary search is used for the exploration and pattern search method for exploitation. The opposition based learning strategy is applied to start with a good population. Migration strategy is applied to maintain the diversity in the population. The above proposed hybrid technique has been applied effectively to solve the multi-parameter optimization problem of higher order band-pass stable digital IIR filter design. The obtained results prove that the proposed technique is better than or comparable to other algorithms used by other researchers. This technique can also be applied to design low pass, high pass and band stop IIR filters. Index Terms- Digital IIR filter, Hybrid heuristic search technique, Differential evolution (DE) method, Binary successive approximation (BSA).