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An Efficient Position Based Geographic Routing For Anonymity And Security In Manet

Abstract- Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) use anonymous routing protocol that hide node identities and/or routes from outside observers in order to provide anonymity protection. Some of the existing link based protocols such as Adhoc On demand Distance Vector protocol (AODV) leads to weaker security and results in performance degradation due to source trace backs. This work addresses the problem that AODV cannot achieve complete anonymity for highly dynamic mobile ad hoc networks in a secure manner. Driven by this issue, an efficient Position-based Geographic routing is proposed which takes advantage of greedy forwarding of packets to the nodes closer to the destination. Security analysis demonstrates that geographic routing can well protect user privacy against both inside and outside attackers. Geo routing uses a novel combination of group signature and id-based encryption for route recovery. Thus anonymity is preserved for source, destination and routes in a secure manner. Geo routing is implemented using Network simulator (NS-2), and evaluates its performance by comparing with AODV. The duplication results show that geographic routing has satisfactory performance compared to AODV and also achieves stronger privacy protection. Keywords: MANET, AODV, Geographic Routing,Anonymity.