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A Comparative Study Of Aodv & Dsr Multicast Routing Protocols In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Abstract: A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a wireless network, offering unrestricted mobility without any underlying infrastructure and centralized management. There is a random and dynamic modification in network topology due to the mobility of congregation; therefore the need for a strong dynamic routing protocol is necessary. In this paper, we evaluate MANET’s performance for two proactive protocols; Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Protocol (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR). A Reactive (on-demand) routing approach is a trendy routing type for wireless ad hoc routing. It is a relatively new routing attitude that provides a scalable effect to relatively huge network topologies. This follows the suggestion that every node tries to reduce routing overhead by sending routing packets whenever a communication is in demand. The comparative analysis for number of packets delivery ratio, Average end-to-end delay, throughput has been done from implementation of proposed system using simulating environment NS2. Keywords: MANET, AODV, DSR, Routing Protocol.