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Comparative Analysis Of Patch And Bow-Tie Antenna For Infrared Energy Harvesting

Abstract— This paper presents the design of antennas in THz range which corresponds to mid-infrared frequencies. A comparative study on two different antenna types, which are Patch and Bow-Tieis discussed here, to clearly elucidate the effect of geometry on received output terminal voltage. The frequencies of operation of the two antenna types are nearly in the same range in order to provide an effective means for comparison on the voltage output. The resonance of these structures is around 10 micrometer wavelength, which is the peak of IR radiations reaching earth surface. Various parametric analyses on the bow-tie antenna are performed to obtain an optimized voltage output. The simulations of the designs are done on an FEM based solver. Index Terms— Bow-Tie Antenna, Fem, Patch Antenna, Terminal Voltage.