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Real Time Generation Of L2c Signal For Global Positioing System

Abstract - Positioning and navigation face an ever-increasing need for accuracy and reliability. NAVSTAR GPS the fully operational global navigation system is controlled by the United States Department of Defense. With a total of 32 satellites in GPS constellation having 24 working and 8 spare to replace any of these 24 satellites in case of malfunction or damage. It allows a user anywhere on the Earth to obtain precise time, position, and velocity 24 hours a day. GPS is still under modernizations due to the recent growth of civilian market for positioning and navigation applications. The modernization of GPS is done by the addition of a new civil signal named L2C. The objective of the paper is to develop a real time L2C signal simulator in a laboratory platform using Xilinx FPGA. It is so called real time because the satellites which are visible to a given user location and time are found out and accordingly generate L2C signal. L2C signal cantered at 1227.60 MHz, so called because it broadcast on the L2 frequency. Resulting signal is analyzed to evaluate the viability of GPS system for India in low cost. Keyword-GPS, ECEF,L2C, CM, CL