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A Contemplation Of Facial Expression Recognition System In Real World Applications

Interaction among human being is a natural, automatic and continuous process. This mode of interaction may be verbal or non-verbal. Major research is going on human emotions based on face, voice, gesture and text. Facial Expressions play a vital role in recognizing the human emotions without any delay, hindrance, effort and verbal communication. But machine-controlled expression recognition is still a challenging and complex task; specially its applications to real world. These complexities vary from pose, inclination, illumination, occlusion to noise present within the still images and video images. Researchers are trying to implement Facial Expression Recognition System (FERS) in many fields like education, social media, medical, online game, mobile, transportation, robots, surveillance system, customer care center etc. But the question is always raised in terms of extremely reliable and accurate performance. This paper is an attempt to make an in-depth and thorough study on the various methodologies implemented from the inception, till date. Index Terms— Expression recognition, Face recognition, Human Computer Interaction.