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Automated Temperature And Humidity Control System For Strawberry Plantation Using Solar Panel

This paper presents the Automated Temperature and Humidity Control System for Strawberry Plantation using Solar Panel is aimed to facilitate the farmers or gardeners to involve in greenhouse system and improve agriculture technology. In Malaysia, the climatic conditions are favourable to the development of solar energy, with abundant sunshine throughout the year. The climate influences the types of plantation in an area. For example, the process of planting strawberry plants in Kedah needs suitable humidity and temperature. The maximum temperature specified for planting strawberries in this project is 20°C while the minimum soil moisture was 70%RH. This project is to encourage plantation of cold climate plants under normal temperature with the control of automated temperature and humidity control system. There are several parts which control the system such as temperature and humidity sensor is basically to control and maintain a sustainable temperature and humidity for the growth of cold climate plants. These sensors will detect the requirement and operate as the system designed. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel is the power source for the project. The energy from the sun lights will be absorbed and converted to electrical energy. Led flash siren alarm will be activated to alert when error occurs in the system. The body and roof of the design is transparent for photosynthesis purpose. The organizer will be able to use the system manually and automatically. The program code for manual method is designed by using Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC). Keywords- Solar Panel, Strawberry Plant, Temperature, Humidity, PIC.