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Finite Element Analysis Of Composite Insulator

High voltage insulators are essential for the reliable performance of electric power Systems. In the high voltage transmission various types of insulators are used such as porcelain, glass, polymer etc, among them composite insulators are more essential for better performance. Composite insulators are exposed to various electrical and environmental stresses. The electrical performance of the composite insulators is characterized by its field distribution along their Length. By enhancing a metal end fitting in composite insulator and compared their result and shows which has better performance under different condition, because the metal end fitting is one of the major characteristic of composite insulator. Furthermore to improve the electric behavior of composite insulators grading material is introduced in different condition. The main objective of this work to enhance the long term performance of insulator. A 34.5kV composite insulator is modeled by using FEM software that performs three dimension (3D) finite element methods to investigate the E-field distribution. Keywords - Composite insulator; Metal end fitting, electric field distribution; silicon carbide; Finite element Method.