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N-Gram Machine Translation System For English To Punjabi Transliteration

In this paper the system is made in such a way that it first learn from the existing examples stored in the database and then with the help of N-Gram approach we translate the proper nouns of English language into its equivalent Gurumukhi Script. In N-Gram approach we have used unigram, bi-gram, tri-gram, four-gram, five-gram and six – gram for transliteration purpose. We store the unigrams in database manually and system is proposed to extract bi-gram, tri-gram, four-gram, five-gram and six – gram and then store it into the database along with their frequency of occurrence we are presenting Statistical Machine Translation system to Transliterate Proper nouns written in English language into its equivalent Punjabi language. The main purpose of transliteration is removing the language barrier for communication. It can also use various information retrieval systems. Transliteration is a process to generate the words from the source language to the target language while keeping the pronunciation of the source and target words equivalent. The reverse process is know as backward transliteration. This system can be used in various government organizations in India because English is used as communication language in almost all government office. The proposed system is divided to two parts – learning and transliteration. Keywords- Transliteration, Statistical Machine Translation, English language, Gurumukhi Script , Machine Translation.