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Co-Xml/DW: Converting Xml Sources Into Data Warehouse Design

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and schema language are data exchange format in web based system. Many organizations widely use XML for e-commerce and internet based applications. On the other hand, data warehouse maintains historical data and analyze data which is used by organizations to enhance decision making on the business process. XML data was insufficient to analyze on the Web. So it is required to convert a given XML schema into data warehouse schemas and to systematically analyze. This paper proposes a hierarchical design framework conversion of XML/DW to provide a suitable multidimensional data model for relational online analytical processing (ROLAP). We present an automatic approach to support this schema conversion process based on the source of data that are XML schema and conforming XML document. We get more than one data warehouse schemas from the given XML schema using Schema Graph and Extended Entity- Relationship Model. The conversion algorithm comes into being where both correct structures and hidden integrity constraints are translated. Index Terms- XML, XML Schema, Data Warehouse, Star, Snowflake, Fact Constellation Schema, ROLAP, Schema Graph, Extended Entity-Relationship.