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Topic Based Photo Collage Using LOCP Algorithm

Photo collage is a method to summarizing and exhibiting collection of photos. From the geometric point of view, the generation of collage is considered as a region partition problem such that each image is displayed in its corresponding region partitioned from the canvas. The core of this is an efficient power-diagram-based locally optimized circle packing (LOCP) algorithm that arranges a series of circles assigned to input photos compactly in the canvas. To favor important photos, the circles are associated with image importances determined by an image ranking process. With the new formulation, each factor influencing the state of a photo is optimized in an independent stage, and computation of the optimal states for neighboring photos are completely decoupled. This improves the scalability of collage results and ensures their diversity. It also devise a co-saliency/saliency - based image fusion scheme to generate seamless composite collage. Co-saliency based method will help to create the collage with common salient objects from group of images. This approach can generate the collages on non-rectangular canvases and supports interactive collage.