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Potentiality Evaluation Of Pelamis Wind Energy Converter In India

Ocean waves are a huge, largely untapped energy resource, and there is an urgent need to extract this form of energy. In India the potential along the 6000 Km of coast is about 40,000 MW [1]. This energy is however less intensive than what is available in more northern and southern latitudes. Research and development activities are being carried out for more advanced technologies to utilize this renewable energy.Based on the dimensional potential of wave energy structural analysis of pelamis wave energy converter is done[2].By this technology there is a potentiality of upto 40000 MW .The optimum parameter is found at Gulf of Khambnat and Gulf of Kuchchh at gujurat coast, some at south-eastern coast and deltaic regions of sunderbans. Keywords— Wave Energy, Wave Energy Converters, Pelamis, Hinges, Floating Fragmented Bodies.