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High Performance Portable Charger Using Low- Power PV System

This paper proposes an efficient design for a solar-powered charger for low-power devices. The level of the charging current is controllable and any residue power is saveable to a rechargeable 9V battery. Two power sources (AC and solar) are used, and two charging speeds are possible. Quick charging is 20% of the battery output current (almost 180mA/hr) so the current is limited to 34 mA. Two types of cellular batteries (5.7V and 3.7V) can be charged. Normal charging is 10% of the cellular battery output current (almost 1,000mA/hr), so the charging current is limited to 100mA. The design uses only a few components so the system is cost effective besides being highly portable. It was simulated on MultiSim Ver. 11 before being implemented practically to validate it. The results from the simulation and the experiment show the design’s sufficient feasibility for practical implementation. Keywords— PV Energy System, Portable Charger, Current Limiting.