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Hierarchical Control Of Renewable Energy Based Micro Grid

Renewable and distributed energy resources as well as distributed energy-storage systems can be integrated by AC and DC Micro grids (MGs) which are the basic key elements. In the last few years, research work toward the standardization of these MGs has been done. This paper primarily focused on the hierarchical control de-rived from ISA-95 and electrical dispatching standards to develop flexibility and smartness to MGs. The pro- posed hierarchical control consists of three levels: 1) The primary control works base on the droop method, with an output-impedance virtual loop; 2) The restoration of the deviations developed due to primary control are minimized by using secondary control; 3) The tertiary control manages imports or exports the power flow between the MG and the external electrical distribution system. Keywords— Micro grid, PV system, Island mode, Smart grid, VSI Inverter, Hierarchical control.